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Welcome to Carolina Concealed Carry Permit / Firearms Training & Sales

Oxford North Carolina full service Type 07 & Class 02 FFL/SOT for your firearms, suppressor and accessories needs. Online sales for convenient pickup. Not in the area? No problem. We can ship any firearm purchase to the FFL of your choice. We can also assist in ATF form/tax stamp submissions, firearms transfers and background checks.

USCCA Certified Firearms Instructor currently offering North Carolina Concealed Carry Permit, Women’s Basic/Intermediate/Defensive Pistol and Real Estate Agent Safety classes. Future offerings will include Home Defense, First Aid Essentials, Youth classes and more. Scroll down for more details, call or email today.

Serving Granville, Wake, Durham, Vance and Frankin Counties, North Carolina. Concealed Carry class/certificate satisfies Virginia permit qualification as well.

Remember. The best gift you can give yourself, or a loved one, is security


North Carolina Pistol Purchase Permits are no longer required to purchase handguns in NC.

You do however, still need a permit in order to carry CONCEALED!!

Please call/text if you have any questions. 919-725-5552

Training And Sales

Concealed Carry Classes Have Been Scheduled Through December.

New offerings include Home Defense Fundamentals, Women’s Basic & Intermediate Pistol, Women’s Defensive Pistol and Real Estate Agent Safety classes. Additionally offering a FREE seminar on Women’s Personal Safety.

Click Below for Details/Dates of ALL Class Offerings Don’t Delay Call/Text/Register Today! 919-725-5552




Ammo Estate Sale

Customer is clearing out garage of unwanted ammunition. Misc calibers to include 45 Long Colt, 45ACP HP’s, 30-06 Springfield for M1 Garand (loose in bandoliers and 1 sealed can), 9mm HP’s, 357 Sig and 357 Magnum HP’s, 44 Magnum hunting rounds, 44 Rem Magnum HP’s, 30-30 Winchester and 454 Casul.

Call for availability and pricing. 919-725-5552




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NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
NRA Range Safety Officer

Remember. The best gift you can give yourself, or your loved ones, is security.

Carolina CCP/Firearms Training LLC

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